Young Massa Valves

  • YOUNG-MASSA designs, manufactures, assembles and sells a wide range of components and accessories for bulk materials handling on the basis of field-proven technology: high-quality Rotary Valves such as Slide Valves, Double Flap Gate Valves, Screw Conveyors, Loading Chutes and other components. State-of-the-art and custom focused solutions, know-how and technical update, philosophy of quality, functionality and safety. The heavy duty design and the reliability of the YOUNG-MASSA components improve the production processes and lower maintenance costs.

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Materials and Industries

YOUNG-MASSA is active in a wide variety of industries and installations for different type of bulk materials, powders and granules. More than 20.000 implemented units are operating successfully in various industries, including: Mineral, Cement/Aggregate, Incineration, Power Station, Steel/Metal, Plastics, Rubber, Paper, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries.

Recent Work

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