At Ibis, we source and supply a range of products to meet our customer needs. Take a look at the products below.

Moduflex Chutes

Ibis are the UK/Ireland sole distributors for Moduflex Chutes who design, manufacture and market solutions for dust-free bulk outloading. Our product program covers all branches from agriculture to industry. The loading systems can be supplied for tanker trucks, open trucks, rail wagons, ship loading, stock piling and warehousing.

Rotary / Slide valves

Ibis are the UK dealers for Young-Massa Rotary Valves, Double Flap Valves, Discharge Gates and Slide Valves. Young-Massa boasts 30 years experience in the manufacturing of components for pneumatic and mechanical handling of powders and solid bulk materials. These items are of high quality USA licence design ,manufactured in Italy and can also be supplied to ATEX 20/21/22 standard.

Filter Bags / Cartridges

Ibis can supply filter sleeves/bags made with a variety of fabrics and can cater for a range of temperatures. Fabrics include cotton, polyester needle felt, polypropylene and PPS. All of our filter fabrics are manufactured to the highest of specifications relating to weight, thickness, air permeability, fibre size and thermal stability.

We can also supply Cartridge Filters, Diaphragm Kits, Diaphragm Valves and PCB Timers for all OEM types of Dust Extractor.


An Ibis Intergrid design – Ibismix dust and ash conditioners are used to convert the dust from containers such as Filter Silos into a dust free product ready for transport. This is achieved by mixing the dust with water to produce a dust free pellet, which can then be loaded into open back lorries or other containers. Ibis Intergrid Ltd produce a range of dust and ash conditioners to handle capacities from 4m³/h to 110m³/h.

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